Friday, August 2, 2013

Natural shadow with a bold lip

Sooo, I guess the next look I did was not colorful Lol sorry today just seemed like a nice day to do something natural. My skin looked good and I don't know when I have good skin days I like to go pretty natural lol
Products Used:
NARS Sheer Glow in Tahoe
Maybelline age rewind concealer in Neutralizer
Dainty Blush by MAC (MSF)
Texture eye shadow MAC as my bronzer
Soba by MAC on my entire eyelid it's actually an interesting color because as you blend it out it turns a bit darker but in the right places! I like it, it looks like I used a darker color in the crease! It's less work so it takes less time
For mascara I used loads of BadGal lash by Benefit
And lastly I used blackout eye shadow from my UD2 pallet as liner, since I was going for a soft natural look I didn't want to use a harsh eye liner.
And for my brows I just used a light brownish gray color from my Sephora Pallet
For my lips I used this lip color from E.L.F cosmetics and it is a great color for a great price, it was only 3 bucks! I absolutely love this Red, if you ever want to find an alternative to all the expensive red lipsticks out there I would totally check this out. It's very moisturizing and the color is very rich and vibrant. But at the same time it isn't so bold that you feel like it's too much for daytime, Nope! I'm the type of person that when I wear a bold lip I'm constantly trying to take it off throughout the day simply because I'm not used to it. But honestly I feel very comfortable wearing this color and I've been loving it this summer.
 So I wanted to get a good picture of the blush I used buuut as usual my camera does it no justice. I have been loving this blush from MAC called Dainty and it's one of their mineralize skin finish blushes. So it gives you that nice glow without all the extra sparkle because like I've said before I don't like using too much shimmer because I feel like it brings out my acne and that is not cool. So this blush gives you that perfect summer glow with the right amount of color!
So thank you for taking the time out of your day to check this out, I hope you enjoyed todays look I will try to get another one up soon! Have a wonderful day! 

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  1. I love that red!!! And soba is a weird color but Its awesome.