Thursday, March 27, 2014

Black Heart

 Hello everyone, I know I haven't posted in a while but I haven't really been feeling too inspired. But I just got the Naked 3 pallet and I knew I had to post something! Enjoy
I will list the products below.
Foundation - L'Oreal True match in W-4.5
Concealer - Maybelline Dream Lumi in Nude Chair. And I set that with MAC MSF in Medium Plus
Primer - Benefit PORE'fessional
Bronzer/Contour - I used a combination of NARS Matte Multiple in Vientiane and MAC MSF in Give me sun
Blush - MAC in Coygirl
I only used one pallet for this look which is the Naked 3 pallet! I love it, I think it's definitely worth the $52, as it should be! Anyway, I started with Nooner as a transition color but also to define the Crease a bit. Then I went in with BlackHeart to further intensify the crease. And for the Lid I sprayed Buzz with FixPlus to make it pop. Then for Eyeliner I used #77 by Inglot and I cannot say enough good things about this guy. It is the blackest liner I have ever used and super affordable! And lastly for Mascara I used MAC Haute and naughty and for the lower lash line I used Power Volume by L'Oreal which I must say, sucks. It's clumpy and not at all volumizing, it's just poop to say the least. Lol
For my brows I've been using the Anastasia Brow powder duo in Granite and I have been loving it! It is the perfect color for people with black hair and it is the color I have been looking for because all the ones I had used previously were too light! But if you're looking for a good brow powder Anastasia is the way to go!
Lip Liner - NYX Plush Red
Lip Stick - MAC Relentlessly Red
Now I will say I don't think this lipstick is worth buying. It's super drying which I knew when I bought it, but I mean seriously. If you're not careful it will make your lips look like they have never seen chapstick a day in their life. But it is a beautiful color!

 I hope you guys enjoyed this look!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Hello again and welcome to my blog! Today I went with a gold and purple combo and I know I may have done something similar in the past, however this time I paired it with a purple lipstick by Revlon. I am loving this color lately. I find myself reaching for a lot of dark plum colors so this is a nice change for once. And I used the same products as usual for my skin, so if you'd like to know what I used you can check out some of my other posts!

Here is a swatch of Revlon's new color burst lipsticks in Shameless. I absolutely LOVE this color. It's really creamy and it's pretty long lasting. It actually reminds me of Heroine Lipstick by MAC.

So below is a picture of the pallets I used for this look. The Lorac Pro Pallet and the Urban Decay NYC Pallet.

The colors I used are named from left to right and the steps I took to get this look:
Last Call (UD) I used this under Rockstar more as a transition color so you won't really notice it but it works perfectly because the two purple tones compliment eachother nicely.
Rockstar (UD) I used this darker plum color to define the outer crease. Usually I would use a matte color but using a shimmery color once in a while is a nice change.
Gold (Lorac) This color I used all over the lid. At first when I saw this color it didn't really stand out to me, especially since I have so many golds. But it really is a beautiful color. It's definitely a different gold than I usually use because it's true to its color. Meaning it really is a gold color, it's not pale or rosy it's straight up GOLD. So I really liked the way the three colors complimented eachother. And I especially love how they look with the bold Purple lip.

So, as usual I hope you enjoyed this look!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Hello again! I know I know it's been forever sorry BUT I just got a new camera so I'm pretty excited. So yeah, I've actually been doing looks like this pretty often lately and I've been liking it a lot. It gives just enough definition to the eyes. Hope you like it as much as I do!
So first I applied Uninterrupted eyeshadow by MAC. This color is just...ugh it is SO pretty! I honestly think it is the perfect transition color of life! It really just ties together any look!
Next, I applied the lid color which is actually a pale rose gold color from my Sephora pallet!
After I applied a deep purple color from my Beloved Lorac Pro pallet, which is actually called "Deep Purple" and after that I applied the Lorac Front of the line pro liner I believe is what it's called.
And lastly I applied Haute and Naughty lash mascara by MAC and applied Red Cherry lashes in #46. It sounds like a lot of steps but honestly it is so simple! Below I will list the products used.
Top: Naked Illuminated (UD) , Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Foundation, MAC Prolong wear concealer, Lorac Pro Pallet
Bottom: MAC Give me sun bronzer, MAC Melba blush and lastly NARS Translucent Crystal setting powder
I actually put the highlighting powder afterwards and forgot to take a picture with it on..sorry lol I will definitely wear it in my next post.

And here is a close up of Uninterrupted eye shadow by MAC. You guys need this bad boy in your life!
So this is the look that I have been reaching for, I hope you guys enjoyed it! As always, if you have any questions or requests leave them below.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Trend Series | Dark Eyes Dark Lips

So I know I've been MIA lately but I just started working and I haven't had the time so I'm sorry about that. I will try to get at least one blog post up a week.
Today I went with dark eye shadow and a dark lip, something I'm not really used to doing but I really liked how it looked. It's something different and I think it's a look you can wear in the day or night!
So on my eyes I used the Urban Decay pallet and to be honest I'm not really sure what the name of it is, sorry about that. I'll try to find out for you. But from this pallet I used the color Half Truth all over my eyelid and in the crease I used M.I.A. Pretty simple and then after I used Maybelline's Gel Liner and Clump Crusher mascara by Cover Girl.

 Left to Right: Kat Von D foundation in 62, MAC Prolong wear concealer in NW30, To be honest I'm not really sure what the name of this pallet is but I will try my best to find out for you, Clump Crusher by Cover Girl, Give me Sun by MAC, Melba Blush by MAC and in the front Vino Lip Liner and Ruby Woo both by MAC.
Here's swatches of Vino Lip Liner (top) and Ruby Woo (bottom)
So like I said before I apologize for not having posted anything for over a month, but hopefully I'm able to get back on track. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them below and I will do my best to answer them. I hope to have a review on my new Kat Von D foundation up some time next week!  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Winged liner and a bold lip

I went with a pretty simple look here, a flawless foundation application, a thick winged liner and a statement lip! You can find what foundation and concealer I use in past blog posts.
I really didn't do any eyeshadow. I applied Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer and then I used Rimmel Glam Eyes liner. It applies kind of sheer looking at first but when it dries, it dries matte and very dark. I really like this liner! Usually throughout the day my liner starts to smudge on my inner corner but this liner stays put! As for my lipstick I used MAC's Ruby Woo with Red lip liner also by MAC.

This look is very simple but very classic I think. You can wear it everyday or to a fancy event I really love it, I hope you do too!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Purple sunset

     So today I wanted to do something a bit different. I saw this combination of colors in a picture on instagram and I really wanted to try it. The steps are listed below!
Foundation: NARS Sheer Glow in Tahoe 
Concealer: Maybelline Age Rewind in Neutralizer
Powder: Milani MultiTasker powder in Tan
Blush: Fleet Fast by MAC
 First I used a coral color from the BH Party girl pallet above and through the crease.
Then I used the NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk on the lid so the next color would appear more vibrant.
For the purple color I used one from the BH Day and Night pallet.
And for the inner corner I used NARS Albatross highlighter
On my lips I used a combination of colors, Vivid rose and Coral Crush both my Maybelline and Coral Bliss by MAC
And Lastly I used Rimmel Glam eyes eyeliner and Maybelline the Falsies Mascara.
I hope you enjoyed this look!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Rebel's cheap sister

 Hey there!! I am back, and yesterday I was at the store searching for the perfect Berry shade and I just so happened to stumble across a dupe for one of my favorite MAC Fall shades, Rebel!! Yes, below on the left is Rebel and on the right, drum roll please... Sugar Plum Fairy(SPF) by Wet and wild! I was so excited to share this with you. Rebel retails for $15 and SPF retails for $1.99! That's more than half the price for the same quality in my opinion.
So on the left is SPF, it's a bit more opaque than Rebel but that's okay, in my opinion that's even better! I love dark colors for fall and I'm so excited to wear it! Although I'm still searching for the perfect berry shade this dupe made me so happy!

In the tube these colors look identical and as you've seen in the swatches they're not far off at all. I think wet and wild did a great job with this color. And for the price you just can't go wrong. And just like Rebel, Sugar Plum Fairy stains your lips quite a bit.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and I will try to catch up on posts this week, let me know if there's any specific look you'd like to see! Have a great day!