Wednesday, July 22, 2015

MINK Lash Review!! Lashes by Lena Style: HEIDI

 So I decided to go with a very natural eye for this review so that you could really see how the lashes wear and the style. (So sorry for the visible lash glue, I forgot to cover up with some liner lol)

They're really wispie so they are very natural as it is. Personally I do like longer lashes but if you like natural everyday lashes these are perfect for you. They are Mink so they're very different to work with, I won't say harder it's just different. I'm very used to Ardell lashes but the band on these are super delicate so you have to be careful when cleaning them. I will say, that even though these aren't my most favorite style I would for sure buy another pair from Lena lashes. The only thing I didn't like is that, when I received them I wasn't sure if they were correct style. They looked different from the website, in that they weren't as wispie as they seem online. I haven't bought any other styles but if that happens with any other style I'll be sure to let you know. Though I don't think that will happen since I've seen plenty of people on IG wearing other styles and they look pretty true to the pictures on Lena lashes' website.

As you can see above, these are perfect for those days that you just wanna throw on a pair of lashes and get your day started. I'm not wearing any liner but it looks like I am because they're so wispie! What I like about these is that they look like my lashes but better. The combination of mink lashes and a very natural style is just Perfect!!

So my overall thoughts: These are not my favorite lash style but they are beautiful. I would most definitely buy many more styles from this company because if you like these, wait till you see the other styles they have to offer. If you're looking for quality mink lashes these are a great buy! I'm so grateful that these were sent to me to try out. And I hope to be able to review many more of these lashes for you guys in the future!

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