Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Hello again and welcome to my blog! Today I went with a gold and purple combo and I know I may have done something similar in the past, however this time I paired it with a purple lipstick by Revlon. I am loving this color lately. I find myself reaching for a lot of dark plum colors so this is a nice change for once. And I used the same products as usual for my skin, so if you'd like to know what I used you can check out some of my other posts!

Here is a swatch of Revlon's new color burst lipsticks in Shameless. I absolutely LOVE this color. It's really creamy and it's pretty long lasting. It actually reminds me of Heroine Lipstick by MAC.

So below is a picture of the pallets I used for this look. The Lorac Pro Pallet and the Urban Decay NYC Pallet.

The colors I used are named from left to right and the steps I took to get this look:
Last Call (UD) I used this under Rockstar more as a transition color so you won't really notice it but it works perfectly because the two purple tones compliment eachother nicely.
Rockstar (UD) I used this darker plum color to define the outer crease. Usually I would use a matte color but using a shimmery color once in a while is a nice change.
Gold (Lorac) This color I used all over the lid. At first when I saw this color it didn't really stand out to me, especially since I have so many golds. But it really is a beautiful color. It's definitely a different gold than I usually use because it's true to its color. Meaning it really is a gold color, it's not pale or rosy it's straight up GOLD. So I really liked the way the three colors complimented eachother. And I especially love how they look with the bold Purple lip.

So, as usual I hope you enjoyed this look!

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